Jim Gaffigan joins Stargirl as Thunderbolt for season 2

Shutterstock - Jim Gaffigan - DFree

It looks as though Stargirl season 2 won’t stop introducing old Justice Society members as Jim Gaffigan has been cast as Thunderbolt.

Stargirl season 1 was heavy on showing us members of the original Justice Society, and it appears that will continue in season 2. Entertainment Weekly is exclusively reporting that Jim Gaffigan will join the cast as the voice of Thunderbolt.

In the comics, Thunderbolt is a pink electrical imp from the land of Bahdnesia. He has the ability to grant wishes, but as his bio states, “the wishes he grants often cause more trouble than the wish-asker would ever expect. But despite his somewhat constant supernatural disasters, the Thunderbolt’s heart is always in the right place, even if it is wounded by the friends he has lost throughout his long existence.”

In the comics, Thunderbolt spent 10 years trapped inside a pen, and as we saw in season 1, Courtney (Brec Bassinger) is in possession of a pink pen. Someone, however, needs to click the pen to release Thunderbolt, and it seems unlikely that will be Courtney. It feels like the perfect fit for Mike (Trae Romano), though.

Stargirl season 2 is set to debut on The CW in 2021.

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly
IMAGE SOURCE: Shutterstock – Jim Gaffigan – DFree