Copy of Detective Comics #27 sells for $850,000

There are only 70 original copies of Detective Comics #27 left in the world, and one of them has found a new owner.

Auction house ComicConnect announced that it has managed a sale of a copy of Detective Comics #27 for $850,000. This is the second-highest price paid for the book with the record being $1,075,500 in 2010. The lower price shouldn’t be seen as a decline in value, but instead a reflection of the fact the most recent copy was rated 6.0 by the CGC service.

The current overall record for a comic sale price is $3.21 million for a copy of 1938’s Action Comics #1.

According to Vincent Zurzolo, co-owner of ComicConnect, collectibles are going through another surge in demand by investors. As TMZ points out, we have seen a string of high-end collectible sales this year with a Mike Trout rookie card selling for $3.9 million, and a LeBron James rookie card selling for $1.8 million.

This is not an unusual trend during uncertain economic times, in which the coronavirus pandemic certainly qualifies as being. While prices are certain to slow down, it may be some time before we do.


Correction: The article previously stated that the record price for a comic sale was $1.5 million. The correct amount is $3 million and has been updated.