Cryptozoic announce a Kickstarter for The Dark Knight Returns board game is coming in 2021

While I’m not a huge fan of certain types of board games, I am all about finding one with interesting gameplay and different dynamics.  If it tells an actual story, or uses strategy as much as luck of the draw, chances are I’ll at least check it out.

I am also all about Batman, as evidenced by… well, I’ve been writing for this site for six years now, so make of that what you will.

Combining Batman with board games is a no-brainer in my book, so any time a company announces a new game featuring the Caped Crusader, I’m down.

Enter: Cryptozoic, who have announced a new board game based on the seminal classic Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.  The game will launch a Kickstarter early next year, and while details are relatively scarce, what they’ve revealed so far is incredibly interesting.  Designed by Daryl Andrews and Morgan Dontanville, the game will be a single player campaign, which is pretty unique in itself.  Playing as the grizzled, aged Dark Knight, the game will take Batman through a “gauntlet” of “old and new villains… and even his most powerful ally.”  You can play single, stand-alone missions, or a larger campaign where each mission changes the parameters of the next.  What’s more, there will be an “attrition” element as opposed to the usual leveling up, and while it’s not exactly clear what that entails, it’s certainly piqued my interest.

Cryptozoic have set up a Facebook page for the game, and you can also sign up for updates here.

More news as we hear it here at Batman News.