Wonder Girl - The CW - Concept Art

Yara Flor just made her debut in the DC Universe, and she may already be heading to television in a Wonder Girl series as part of the CWVerse.

Deadline is reporting that Dailyn Rodriguez (Queen of the South) and Berlanti Productions are at work on a new Wonder Girl series at The CW. While you may point out that Donna Troy already is on Titans, this would be the all-new Amazonian, Yara Flor.

Just recently introduced, Flor is a new character that was recently introduced in the comics and is the daughter of an Amazonian Warrior and a Brazilian River God. She learns that she is the new Wonder Girl and begins using her powers to take on whatever evil she comes up against.

DC is currently also running Flor is Wonder Woman in the Future State stories, so it’s clear there are extensive plans for the character. Getting her on television now would be a good idea to help the comic sales as well. And with Supergirl coming to end with season six, there will be a spot for her in the lineup of series as well.

No word as of yet as to casting or production plans. With this news hitting in the fall, it’s not difficult to imagine this will be part of the upcoming pilot season. Pilots are typically produced in the spring for announcements at the network upfronts in May. Due to the coronavirus, however, all of those plans may need to change for this upcoming cycle.

SOURCE: Deadline