Wonder Woman 1984 to hit HBO Max and theaters on Dec 25

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A Wonder Woman 1984 trailer briefly appeared on YouTube on Wednesday night that said the film will come to theaters and HBO Max on Dec. 25.

After months of speculation, Warner Bros. has confirmed that Wonder Woman 1984 will arrive in both theaters and on HBO Max at the same time on Dec. 25. There will be no extra cost for the film to subscribers of the service.

Internationally the film will be released theatrically.

Rumors and speculation have circulated for months that there might be changes to the release of Wonder Woman 1984. Some had speculated that this would be the solution while others had thought it might be moved to June 4, 2021, copying the release weekend of the first film.

HBO Max was added to Amazon Fire TV devices this week after a lengthy delay, but the service is still absent from the Roku platform. Also missing is 4K support from HBO. This will be a sticking point for a lot of fans as they will want to watch it in the highest possible quality. Hopefully a big film such as this coming to HBO Max signals that both of these issues will be dealt with in short order.

While a huge theatrical release would have been the optimal decision, movie theaters are closing down around the U.S. once again in the wake of a new surge in Coronavirus cases. For the film to release in 2020, this was the only reasonable option.

Wonder Woman 1984 will release in theaters on HBO Max on Dec. 25.

UPDATE: Patty Jenkins has released a statement about the announcement.