More details surface surrounding the Wonder Woman 1984 release

The announcement of the Wonder Woman 1984 release plans on Wednesday left some questions, and now some answers are coming out.

First up, in the U.S., as announced the film will release on both movie theaters on Dec. 25. It should be noted that the film will only remain on HBO Max for 30 days. Following that, the film will be in theaters exclusively for another 30 days. After that it will be made available for purchase.

As to how long it will stay in theaters, director Patty Jenkins replied to a fan on Twitter saying, “We have plans to hold it in theaters for quite a long time, and hopefully long enough that it will still be there when theaters all over the world ARE open.” There will also be an incentive for theaters to run the film for as long as possible as Warner Bros. will be taking a smaller cut of the ticket sales for the release.

Jenkins also shared some news for those of you who would like to go to a theater, but don’t wish to mingle with other customers. “We are also working on a program to allow you, your cohort, your family or your pod to rent THEIR OWN THEATERS OUT to screen the film in the safety of your group. We will try to help to bring it to as many of you as we can and thank you all for your support. You are great fans.”

As to fans outside of the U.S., currently, it looks as though it will be a theatrical-only release. The biggest difference, however, will be that it will release in some markets on Dec. 16. It isn’t clear which markets will receive it on that date at this time, so we would recommend you check your local listings.

Wonder Woman 1984 will release in theaters and on HBO Max in the U.S. on Dec. 25. Select international locations will see the film released on Dec. 16.