HBO Max debuts a look at Starfire for Titans season 3

HBO Max has debuted a first look at the new Starfire costume for Titans season 3. Finally, we’re going to be seeing some of those comic book influences.

Titans is moving closer to the comics in season 3 it would seem. With the recent look at a very comic-friendly Red Hood, we’re now moving on to Starfire.

The new outfit borrows heavily from several of Starfire’s comic book outfits, but doesn’t seem to be specific to any one look she has. Definitely worth noting is that the concept art shows her with flame coming from her hair as she flies, so it appears we will finally be getting some of that effect in the show.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing some more upgrades this season. Raven is still without any sort of super-suit, and Gar can survive in his outfit, but it would be nice to see him turn into something other than a tiger.

No word yet on when Titans season 3 will make its debut. This will mark the first season since moving to HBO Max as it’s streaming home.