Wonder Woman 1984 release date has been set globally

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The Wonder Woman 1984 release date has been set in multiple countries now, and you can start making your plans!

Following the news of the HBO Max release in the U.S., Warner Bros. has now finalized the majority of its Wonder Woman 1984 release dates around the world. First up will be over a dozen countries on Wednesday, Dec. 16.

  • Wednesday, December 16 — Belgium, Bulgaria. Egypt, Estonia, France, Greece, Holland, Iceland, Indonesia, Portugal, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom
  • Thursday, December 17 — Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, Middle East – Other, Nicaragua, Panama, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates
  • Friday, December 18 — China, East Africa, Japan, Nigeria, Spain, Vietnam
  • Wednesday, December 23 — Austria, Germany, Korea
  • Thursday, December 24 — Hungary, Slovenia
  • Friday, December 25 — Canada, Colombia, Finland, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Venezuela, United States
  • Saturday, December 26 — Australia, New Zealand
  • Thursday, December 31 — Argentina
  • Thursday, January 7 — Ukraine, Uruguay
  • Friday, January 8 — Philippines
  • Thursday, January 14 — Azerbaijan, CIS Others, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Russia
  • Friday, January 15 — Romania, Turkey
  • Thursday, January 21 — Chile, Peru
  • Friday, January 22 — Poland
  • Thursday, January 28 — Italy
  • TBD — Bahrain, Ghana, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Asia – Other, LatAm – Other, Islands – Other

In the U.S. you will have the option of watching the film in theaters or on HBO Max on Christmas Day. The film will be on the streaming service for 30 days and then will be in theaters exclusively for 30 days after that. It will then be available for purchase digitally.

As it stands right now, if you do wish to watch it at home, and want to do so in 4K, you will need to do so via the digital purchase. HBO Max has not added 4K support as of right now, and there’s no indication it will happen before Christmas Day.

SOURCE: Variety