HBO Max planning local international DC shows

As HBO Max expands across the planet, it seems that it will also be producing DC shows tailored for different locations.

Casey Bloys, Chief Content Officer at HBO and HBO Max, has revealed that the company is looking into what DC content it could produce outside of the United States. “We’re also going to work to see DC content in other countries outside of the U.S,” Bloys said at the virtual Web Summit conference.

While the current original DC series have all been U.S.-based, the company is quite familiar with producing for other locations. Examples include The Teenage Psychic (Taiwan), The Pact (Poland), and La Vida Secreta de las Parejas (Brazil).

Currently, HBO Max is targeting to launch in Europe in 2021, and there is talk of a mid-year launch in Latin America. “We will and need to be a global service. It’s an imperative to achieve scale,” said Head of HBO Max Global Andy Forssell. “In the second half of 2021, you’ll see us start to upgrade some of the existing direct to consumer HBO services in Europe to HBO Max, double the content, a lot more capabilities, so by the end of the year both of those regions will be very active. The plan is to be in 190 countries, it’s just how fast can we do that roll-out.”

As to what series these could be is a mystery. While there are foreign characters throughout the DC Universe in the comics, the bigger question is if any of them would be able to carry an entire series. We’ll have to wait and see what characters they can potentially tap.

If these foreign productions will come to the U.S. is unknown at this time. We’ll just have to wait and see as HBO Max finalizes its plans.

SOURCE: Deadline