Batman News 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Calling 2020 a rough year is an understatement, so it’s perhaps more important than ever to treat yourself and that special Batfan in your life this holiday season. This helpful list of gift ideas includes items that’ll appeal to comic readers, movie buffs, gamers, statue collectors, and more. We’ve even included merch that celebrates the Dark Knight’s villains and allies as well! And, to better match whatever budget you have in mind, all the merchandise is sorted by price from lowest to highest. Oh, lastly, if you can afford the final item on the guide, please, in the words of reporter Alexander Knox, give me a grant.

Single Issue Comics ($3.99 and up)

Single issue comics are excellent for new fans and old fans alike. Want to read the latest stories? Head over to our comic reviews section to find out what’s worth your hard-earned dollar before you contact your local comic shop. Or, make your gift of comics extra special and treat someone to a first-print of a classic– there are plenty of options at your local comic shop or at eBay. Another terrific option is to pick up an affordable trade paperback or hardcover graphic novel that collects several issues together so your giftee can enjoy a complete story from start to finish.

Imaginext DC Super Friends Slammers ($7.88)

Looking for something that really pops? Perfect for stocking stuffers, the Imaginext Slammers are not only fit to burst, they’re pretty much two toys in one.  You get a blind bag Batman figure and a cool little vehicle, all in wildly fun packaging that is opened by “slamming” it on a hard surface so the contents pop out. Available exclusively at Walmart, there are several different designs for the Batman figures, and while the vehicles all look largely the same, they’re color-coordinated with the included Caped Crusader. It’s a toy that’s just as much fun to take out of the package as it is to play with, which makes these unified and creative gift ideas.

ArkhaManiacs ($9.99)

Sure, we already covered comics, but not all Bat books are appropriate for young readers so we thought it’d be beneficial to direct parents toward a title that’s perfect for the 8 to 12-year-old crowd: ArkhaManiacs by Art Baltazar & Franco. This cartoony take on Gotham City sees a young Bruce Wayne sneak off in the middle of the night to investigate all the fun happenings at weird and wacky Arkham Apartments. Available from Amazon.

Scrooge Batman Plush by Funko Pop! ($12.90)

From Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale’s Ghosts to Lee Bermejo’s Batman: Noel, the Caped Crusader is no stranger to Charles Dickens’ classic Christmas tale, but this incarnation Batman as Ebenezer is by far the most adorable. The polyster plush is super soft and makes a wonderful stocking stuffer that will undoubtedly resurface year after year as part of your holiday décor. Forget Elf on a Shelf, give me Batman in a nightcap! Available from Entertainment Earth.

Batman Original Television Soundtrack Album ($21.35)

Got a record player? Great. Don’t? Get this LP anyway, the album cover alone will look sweet displayed on any wall (how formal does a dining room need to be, really?). This is a fantastic choice for the nostalgic Batfan who longs for the Dark Knight’s campier days. Remember the Batusi? mm cho hey yeah oh eh whoa Available from Amazon.

Our Name is Mud Batman Sculpted Coffee Mug ($15.00)

At this point in my life, I figured if you’ve seen one Batman mug you’ve seen them all, but I was dead wrong. This is an incredibly fun design that puts Batman’s handsome mug on a mug and then sculpts standout bat ears at the rim to really make you feel like you’re sipping from the Dark Knight’s noggin. In addition to being creatively sculpted, it’s also surprisingly heavy stoneware with a generous 16 ounce capacity for more than enough coffee or cocoa. I must say, this dishwasher/microwave-safe mug has replaced my tried and true Stay Puft Mug as my #1 selection anytime I open the cupboard. Available from Amazon.

Batman Coloring Books ($15.99/each)

Ever wanted to see a Talon in pink or maybe wondered if Batgirl would look better in turquoise? Well now you can with these fantastic adult coloring books from DC! Each one features pages and pages of gorgeous comic book art all in black and white so you can take a crack at coloring-in some of your favorite characters, moments, and storylines! These make great gifts for all ages. Hush, Court of Owls, and Batgirl are available from Amazon.

DC Comics Miss Mindy Vinyl Figurines ($19.99/each)

These expressive caricatures from cartoon folk artist Miss Mindy add character and a pop of color to any shelf or desktop. And I encourage you to mix them in with your other collectibles! While a Miss Mindy vinyl figure is attention-grabbing enough on its own or placed alongside other stylized heroes and villains from the line (Catwoman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn are coming soon) you can see from the picture I included that you get uproariously funny results from integrating them with other statues and toys. Batman and Joker feature exaggerated, highly emotive faces that, when you position the 6-inch figure creatively, play off their surroundings and make for a far more impressive and energetic display. You can purchase both of these figures at Target right now.

McFarlane DC Multiverse Action Figures ($19.99)

It’s hard to believe that, just a few short years ago, DC Multiverse was a brand on life support. But with McFarlane taking over the license last year, things picked up immediately, with a bevy of beautiful figures representing DC properties across all media. The Batfan on your list is sure to love the iconic double-axed Batman from Dark Nights: Metal, Sean Murphy’s new and improved Azbats from Curse of the White Knight, or this fantastic reproduction of Batman’s armored suit from the hit Rocksteady game Batman: Arkham Knight. And if none of those seem like the perfect fit, the Multiverse line has plenty more to choose from comics, TV, movies, and games. You can find McFarlane DC Multiverse on Amazon.

Enesco Salt & Pepper Shakers ($20.00/each)

‘Tis the season…ing. Improve your table décor as well as the flavor of your food with these themed shakers. Enesco offers a few different designs like a minimalist Batman/Joker set that gets right down to their most iconic characterisitcs, a detailed Batman/Catwoman pairing, and, of course, Joker and Harley Quinn. I find the Batman/Joker set to be the most functional of the shakers offered (way higher capacity for salt and pepper), but I think the artful sculpting of Bat/Cat and Harley/Joker makes them the obvious choice if you’re more in the market for conversation starters. I mean, they’re just so elaborate! Especially Joker and Harley, whose ceramic bodies are sculpted to feature a throne, a bomb, and more. Available at Amazon.

Batman: Death in the Family blu-ray ($24.98)

We didn’t get many new animated Batman movies compared to years past, but the one we did get offers a unique experience in which you get to choose the outcome. We were mixed about this release when we reviewed it a few months ago, but as a stocking stuffer it should make a nice surprise and a fun afternoon viewing experience with a group of fellow Bat-fans. The one branching narrative that got real attention (Batman Saves Robin) features some genuinely inventive and shocking ideas as well as emotionally rewarding moments. It’s not a movie you or your giftee will watch again and again, but the first viewing will definitely be a memorable one. Available at Amazon.

Batman: Crack the Case ($25.00)

Want something interactive, but not R-rated? In Insight Edition’s Batman: Crack the Case, you are part of the action as a character named “Solver,” who Batman calls on to assist with puzzles and figure out crimes!  Kids will definitely get a kick out of being “in the story” with Batman, and some of the puzzles are pretty clever, too.  These challenges range from simple mazes and “figure out which wire to cut” challenges, to more complex word puzzles and cryptographic formulas. Available at Amazon.

Batman Face Mask Set ($26.90)

As much as I want this article to be an escape from the turmoil of everyday life, the fact remains that we’re all still going to be wearing masks as we enter 2021, and I don’t know about you, but I certainly feel safer if my face covering has the Bat on it. You can grab this officially licensed three-mask set over at Hot Topic.

Spin Master Launch and Defend Batmobile ($37.76)

Since stepping into the Batman licensing game, Spin Master have been putting out a ton of fun toys based on the Dark Knight.  Two of their biggest offerings this Holiday season certainly prove that point, as they put their own… spin on two childhood staples: the remote control car and the multi-level play set. The Launch and Defend Batmobile is awesome, as far as remote controlled cars go. It has a simple controller that takes two AAA batteries, and has three controls: left and right turning, forward and reverse, and a red button that can eject the included Batman figure. The car itself is big and sturdy, resembling a mix of the BTAS Batmobile, the Tumbler, and even a bit of Sean Gordon Murphy’s White Knight car. Available at Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

McFarlane DC Multiverse Action Figure Two-Packs ($39.99)

The DC Multiverse two-packs are just like the singles, but with double the figure in slightly less than double the packaging, these are a great way to surprise your lovable Batfan with a matched set of Multiverse awesomeness. This Arkham Asylum Batman/Joker set is a no-brainer, but if you’re feeling extra-generous this holiday season, you could throw in the Flash/Red Death pack, or preorder the Nightwing vs. Red Hood set and wrap the receipt in a box labeled “don’t open till January.”

Spin Master Batman 3-in-1 Batcave Playset ($49.99)

The 3-in-1 Batcave reminded me of my youth, when I would play with the Ninja Turtles sewer playset.  Featuring three separate levels and two sides with different environments, there are a ton of play options with this set.  One side is the Batcave, which a light-up monitor, an armory, holding cell, and even a garage area for the Batmobile.  Cardboard punch outs bring it all together with the giant penny, T-Rex, and Batpod on display. Turn the set around and you have yourself an alleyway in which to take down any number of Batman’s rogues.  There’s fun tagging all around, a telephone pole you can use to attach the included zip line accessory, and a light-up Batsignal.  Like the Batmobile, the playset comes with a nicely poseable Batman figure, so you can monitor crime from the cave before heading out to defend Gotham City. Available at Amazon, Entertainment Earth, and Walmart.

The Batman Who Laughs Rising Cooperative Board Game ($49.99)

Did you really think we could make it through an entire gift guide without this character showing up? Since his debut in Dark Nights: Metal, The Batman Who Laughs has been everywhere, so of course he’d make it into the gift guide another year and in 2020, he’s graduated to having his very own board game. In Rising, players work together to recruit allies from the DC Universe to combat a legion of dastardly villains. The game includes really attractive dice and a surprisingly well-sculpted Batman Who Laughs figure that stands at the heart of the play area. Available at Amazon.

DC Graphic Novels for Young Adults Box Set 1: Resist. Revolt. Rebel ($49.99)

A wonderful gift for any teen reader, this collection of three trade paperbacks comes in an attractive slipcase that will stand out from go great on your bookshelf. The books included are Mera: Tidebreaker, Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale, and the Eisner Award-winning Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass. We recommend this set for readers 14-and-up who are looking for a strong female lead. Available at Amazon.

Detective Comics #367 Poster ($50.00)

Everybody has a Batman movie poster. It’s predictable. It’s basic. You can do better. Get a little clever with your Batman-themed wall art and grab this Mondo screen print of one of the Caped Crusader’s most memorable covers. This beautifully produced 24×36 poster is a gorgeous tribute to Carmine Infantino & Murphy Anderson’s creative cover for Detective Comics #367, and it’s limited to a hand-numbered run of only 200, so act fast.

Batman: The Animated Series by Phantom City Creative ($60.00)

Maybe you missed out on every limited edition Batman: The Animated Series poster from Phantom City Creative that went on sale or maybe you simply didn’t have the wall space to feature all the art you wanted. Either way, you can now own the entire collection in the form of this stunning coffee table book. Check out our full review for an in-depth look at the marvelous production quality of this remarkable tome.  I think you’ll discover it’s an absolute must-own for fans of Batman: The Animated Series and quality art in general. Available from Amazon.

McFarlane DC Multiverse Platinum Edition Action Figures ($60 and up)

Okay, this is the big one for you Multiverse-collecting Batfan. These curiously named gold variants are incredibly rare, and sell quickly, after which they go for a pretty penny on eBay. The Arkham Knight Bats is a gorgeous take that will stand out in the middle of any collection, but if your loved one would prefer The Origins Deathstroke, there’s a gold-sprayed Slade Wilson, too.

Batman Cookie Jar by Enesco ($65.00)

You’ve got a craving and you’re thinking about cheating on your diet. You look for the cookies. Where are they– Oh… There’s Batman, looking at you with this neutral expression on his face that’s easy to interpret as disapproving. Thanks, Batman Cookie Jar, for saving me from myself. Bah, who are we kidding?! The best thing about the Batman Cookie Jar is ripping that do-gooder’s head clean off and taking as many delicious cookies as you want. It’s easy to eat right if you’ve got a butler handling all your meals, Caped Crusader! Who’s he to judge us? You think cookies are good, now? They’re even better when you’re swiping them on Batman’s watch. Available at Amazon, Entertainment Earth, and Walmart.

Catwoman Coture de Force ($80.00)

The Couture de Force line presents the women of DC Comics in a bold new way, elevating their typical uniforms to more sophisticated attire. Catwoman’s stone resin sculpt, standing nearly 9 inches tall, is especially beautiful in a flowing gown with detailed embroidery. I kid you not, the back of this figurine is so meticulously carved that it seems a shame to display her facing forward. Please, look through the gallery we’ve included! The fine detail work is some of the most impressive and elegant we’ve ever seen. Available at Amazon, Entertainment Earth, and Walmart.

Kotobukiya DC Comics: Damian Wayne Robin Ikemen Statue ($89.99)

If you’re looking for a fantastic Robin statue featuring Damian Wayne, look no further. Robin measures 10 inches tall and comes with a metal stand, magnetic inserts in his foot and cape, and a few different head sculpts so you can show him off however you please. The colors are gorgeous and vibrant, and he stands out wherever he’s on display. This really is a great figure for any fan of Damian, and just the right thing to treat yourself with this holiday season. Available at Amazon and Walmart.

Batman: Black & White – Batman by Doug Mahnke ($90.00)

It’s an iconic batman in an incredibly cool, eye-catching pose that pops all the more in black and white. In my own, personal Batman Black and White display, this dynamic piece leads the pack. The folks at DC Direct did artist Doug Mahnke justice with this phenomenal midair Batman sculpt. Available at Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

Batman: Black & White – Armored Batman by Frank Miller ($95.00)

The newest Frank Miller-inspired Black & White statue gives us a confident, battle-ready Batman that will look incredibly cool on any shelf. The paint application is excellent, especially the fine details that give the armor plating a lifelike, worn appearance, but it’s the sculpt that Alterton and DC Direct have chosen that I like most about this piece. It’s a pose that conveys genuine attitude without being exaggerated. It perfectly expresses the aggressive, never-back-down spirit of the climactic fight from The Dark Knight Returns. Look at his feet, Batman is literally stepping up to the challenge. Available from Entertainment Earth.

The Batcave by Department 56 ($125.00)

Department 56, the good folks behind those meticulously crafted Dickensian villages are targeting us comic nerds now and I am all for it. Their DC line of hand-painted porcelain properties begins with this light-up Batcave, but it’s not the last piece we’ll feature on this list. Not by a longshot. Inspired by the exterior of Batman’s HQ from the classic Adam West TV series, this piece keeps things simple with a natural-looking stone wall that sports all kinds of craggily details, faux foliage, and a Batmobile-sized cave mouth (illuminated by a built-in, battery-powered light). And, of course, the cave comes with a George Barris-inspired Batmobile so there can be no mistaking this cavern for any other. A Silver Age dynamic duo (sold separately) pairs nicely with this piece as well. Available from Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

Batman: The Animated Series Mr. Freeze 1/6 Scale Figure by Mondo ($130.00)

I dare you to look at this figure and not hear Michael Ansara’s voice. This is the best Batman: The Animated Series Mr. Freeze figure money can buy. Period. Well… There was an “Exclusive” version that Mondo sold last year that included a few extra accessories for $15 extra, but it’s long gone– But other than that one, this is without a doubt the best Mr. Freeze figure on the market.

Kotobukiya Nightwing Titan Series ArtFX Statue ($139.99)

The first in Kotobukiya’s Titans Series is Dick Grayson himself. While I typically like to see Nightwing in a more acrobatic pose, I gotta admit I’m digging this intimidating stance he’s taking here. This statue is 1/6 scale, easy-to-assemble, and includes a detailed base that looks like it’s either part of a villain’s lair or the floor of the Batcave. You decide. I’ll just be here marveling at the shine on those bright blue shoulders.

Batman: The Animated Series Catwoman 1/6 Scale Figure by MONDO ($160-165.00)

The exclusive Mr. Freeze might be gone, but Mondo’s exclusive Selina Kyle is still available and still worth checking out if you know someone who adores the Batman: The Animated Series Catwoman. This thing is loaded with episode-specific accessories, even boasting not one but two molds of her pet Isis, one of which can be draped over Catwoman’s shoulders.

The Dark Knight Memorial Statue by Beast Kingdom ($199.00)

Can you believe it took this long to get a replica of the memorial statue from the end of The Dark Knight Rises? Honestly… And I’m actually very surprised it’s not more expensive than this. Other than the fact that it’s 17 inches tall, the sculpture is totally screen accurate. Take. My. Money. Available from Entertainment Earth.

Batman: The Animated Series 8XLP Box Set – Volume 2 ($200.00)

Those same poster designs we raved about from the Phantom City Creative book a few scrolls back up the article have also been used as album covers for Mondo’s vinyl records. Volume 2 of Batman: The Animated Series Soundtrack includes full episode scores from 16 fan-favorite episodes, plus randomly assorted, 4×6 screen printed hand bills. Only 1,800 copies of this 8XLP set were made. It’s pricy, but it’s a premium collectible for fans who see BTAS as the definitive Batman experience.

Wayne Manor by Department 56 ($240.00)

The stately manor looks brilliant in hand-painted porcelain and includes a majestic gate as well as figurines of our hero and his trusty butler. You can keep your cutesy Christmas villages! Give me more Batman-themed properties, because this stuff has charmed me completely. I love the textures, the colors, the… well, it’s just a darling addition to my mantle, darn it! I sincerely hope Department 56 is already working on an Arkham Asylum next, because they’d be fools not to be. Oh, and before we move on, I just want to point out that the newspaper that Bruce Wayne is reading does indeed feature printed headlines, photos, and faux articles. No joke. Available from Amazon, Entertainment Earth, and Walmart.

And speaking of newspapers…

The Daily Planet by Department 56 ($280.00)

I really don’t like including something on this list that isn’t from Gotham City but come on. It pains me to say it, but Department 56’s best DC-related property is the hand-painted porcelain Daily Planet Building. The damn thing even has Superman circling the globe, and yes, he really does fly around it. It’s awesome. Available from Amazon.

Batman Beyond Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles ($595.00)

We managed to find space on this list for Dick, Damian, Selina, and even Superman (still can’t get over that one), so why not Terry McGinnis as well? This Sideshow exclusive is a limited edition of 500 and features Terry blasting off from a Neo Gotham gargoyle in dramatic fashion. Basically, it’s one of the best Beyond collectibles you can get other than that massive Prime 1 Studio statue based on the Arkham Knight skin, and who can afford that? I’ll tell you who: the person who can afford the final item on our 2020 gift guide…

Meanwhile, at the Sweet Shoppe art print ($4,000)

Lastly, we always like to end on one absurdly expensive thing for the rich folks cruising this list to consider and the rest of us to only dream about. Behold! This is Meanwhile, at the Sweet Shoppe, an Ozone Productions art print of renowned pin-up artist Olivia De Berardinis’ original acrylic-on-wood painting. A framed work of Batman ’66 art generously peppered with shimmering diamond fragments? The phrase “Ooh La La” has never been more appropriate! Each print is embellished in a unique process that uses silk screens and glass diamond dust to highlight the extra-large image with a sparkling effect. The limited edition print of 99 is also hand-signed by the artist and embossed with a seal of authenticity.

Special thanks to Brian Warshaw (who created the banner image), Matina Newsom, and Jay Yaws for contributing so much to this gift guide.

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