DC Comics announce that Tim Fox is the new Batman of Future State

One of the fun things about comic book speculation is bouncing theories and ideas off of friends and fellow fans, with some hopefully good-natured debate thrown into the mix.  That’s what’s been so exciting about the upcoming Future State event at DC, particularly where Batman is involved.

The Next Batman, to be specific.

I mean, give me Batman from John Ridley, Nick Derington, Laura Braga, Olivier Coipel, and other talented creators any day of the week.  But when the big mystery of a book centers around who Batman actually is in this possible future, that’s where speculations and theories can run rampant.

Well, we can all stop guessing, as DC have announced that The Next Batman is none other than Tim Fox, so partial credit if you thought it was going to be Luke.

While this is definitely a surprise, given that Luke and Duke Thomas were most people’s guesses, it makes perfect sense in hindsight.  After all, Tim made an appearance in Ridley’s story in the recent The Joker War Zone one-shot, and has popped up here and there since then.

Tim “Jace” Fox has a fairly long history in the Batman titles, stretching all the way back to the Bronze Age when he first appeared in Len Wein and Irv Novick’s Batman #313.  Check out more details about Future State here, and take a look at the gallery below for a quick primer on Tim Fox.

Future State: The Next Batman #1 will hit comic shops and digital retailers on January 5, 2021.