Batman: Urban Legends anthology series is coming March 2021 from DC Comics

Look, I’ve been asking for a Batman anthology series for years.  In fact, I’ve long said that Detective Comics should go that route, with a main story focusing on Batman accompanied by a bunch of backups that feature characters like Black Canary, Slam Bradley, Elongated Man, Martian Manhunter, and Air Wave.

Especially Air Wave.

Mostly Air Wave.

So today’s announcement from DC certainly got my attention: a brand new Batman series will drop next year, with each 64-page issue showcasing the Dark Knight and his robust supporting cast.

That is awesome.

And what’s this?  Chip Zdarsky and Eddy Barrows will tell a five-part story that sees Batman and Red Hood investigate a new drug that’s hit the streets of Gotham?  And Matthew Rosenberg and Ryan Benjamin team up for a Grifter story?  Zdarsky’s Daredevil is one of the best books on the stands, and I loved Rosenberg’s Punisher series, so yeah, this gets me even more excited for this book.

The series will come with a $7.99 price tag, and while that is fairly hefty, I will repeat that each issue will be 64 pages.  Besides the Red Hood and Grifter stories, the first several issues will also include Harley Quinn stories from Stephanie Phillips and Laura Braga, new tales of the Outsiders from Brandon Thomas and Max Dunbar, and will come with covers from the likes of Hicham Habchi, David Finch, and Kael Ngu.

That’s a ton of bang for your Bat-buck, and a nice new addition to DC’s monthly slate.  Check out more details here, and look at those gorgeous covers in the gallery below.

Batman: Urban Legends #1 will hit comic shops and digital retailers on March 16, 2021.