The Joker gets a new solo series beginning in March 2021

After four and a half decades, it’s finally happened again: the Clown Prince of Crime gets his own solo series.

Following up on the groundwork laid in the recent “Joker War” event, James Tynion IV and Guillem March will set the mad dog loose on the world in the ongoing series simply titled The Joker.

That’s big enough news on its own, but what really grabbed my attention is the man who will be on the Joker’s tail, trying to bring him in one last time: Commissioner James Gordon.  Gordon’s always welcome in the spotlight, if you ask me, and having him on “one final job” before retirement will lend this series some gravity and weight, to be sure.  Factor in Tynion’s hints that some of his other original characters will be making appearances and, well, Gordon will certainly have his hands full, won’t he?

That’s not all, though, as the series will also have a backup story from Tynion, Sam Johns, and Mirka Andolfo that continues Punchline’s story.  It’s a one-two punch (haHA) of clowning mischief and mayhem that’s sure to make some big waves in the world of the Dark Knight, so check out more details from DC here.

The Joker #1 will hit comic shops and digital retailers on March 9, 2021.