Box office numbers for the first weekend of Wonder Woman 1984 roll in

Wonder Woman 1984 has begun opening up around the world and the first box office results are in.

While Wonder Woman 1984 isn’t set to open in the U.S. until Dec. 25 in both theaters and on HBO Max, in other parts of the world the film opened on Dec. 16. With a full weekend of ticket sales in the books, as to be expected, the pandemic has taken a definite toll on the numbers.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film was targeting an opening of $35 million, but it took in $18 million. While the Chinese box office had been heating back up recently, in just the past few weeks it has been suddenly slowing down once again.

In total, across all 32 releases, the film opened to $36 million. Exhibitor Relations Co. shared some of the top territories.

  • China ($18M)
  • Taiwan ($3.6M)
  • Thailand ($2M)
  • Brazil ($1.7M)
  • Japan & Mexico ($1.6M)
  • UK ($1.2M)
  • Spain ($1.1M)

Under normal circumstances, there would be a lot to be concerned about, but box office results right now are far from normal. As of midnight last night in the U.K., portions of the country went into a new Tier 4  lockdown that closed even more non-essential businesses. A large portion of the country was already in Tiwe 3 which included the closing of cinemas. France has closed down theaters as well, and this is happening all around the world.

Warner Bros is well aware of this, of course, and is sure to adjust its benchmarks for the film accordingly.

The Suicide Squad is due to hit theaters and HBO Max on Aug. 6, 2021.Wonder Woman 1984 will release in theaters and on HBO Max in the U.S. on Dec. 25. Select international locations saw the film released on Dec. 16.