Birds of Prey egg sandwich named a Best of 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, that means many outlets are naming their best of the year items, and somehow Harley Quinn’s egg sandwich has made it on to one such list.

Early on in Birds of Prey Harley seeks out her favorite egg sandwich, an item that clearly means the world to her. And now it has made its way on to Entertainment Weekly‘s Best of 2020 list.

Entertainment Weekly went in-depth with writer Christina Hodson about the origins of the egg sandwich and how it was a major part of the film pitch for both herself and Margot Robbie. “It’s just so funny talking about this so seriously, I really love it,” said Hodson. “Initially it was in the outline, and then it was actually at a stage where Margot and I re-conceived a little bit what the outline and the pitch for the thing was going to be. And we went back to the studio with it. Because it’s a multi-stranded narrative, each of these characters has their different moments. Helena Bertinelli’s [Mary Elizabeth Winstead] chapter was called “The Mafia Princess,” Renee’s [Rosie Perez] chapter was called “The Cop.” And then we got to the Harley section, and last minute had to give it a title and I was like, “And then this is ‘The Egg Sandwich.'” Margot and I were sitting there giggling and the studio [execs] were like, “Huh. Okay!””

“And of course,” Hodson continued, “we began with the description of the egg, bacon, and cheese because that’s the most important thing, you have to fall in love with it right alongside Harley. It was just about putting that detail in. Food documentaries were becoming massive, Jiro Dreams of Sushi was just becoming big, and I wanted to give it all of that, like, super high-end, classy, close-up sexiness, because for Harley, this is her high-end sushi. We put it all on the page and then Cathy took it as seriously as us and shot it [laughs] almost like a porno.”

While many other details are shared about the creation of the sandwich and what it meant to the film, one of the most intriguing tidbits dealt with the ingredients. It turns out that Robbie is allergic to chicken eggs, so in the scene where she finally takes a bite out of it it is a duck egg instead.

There are some other fun tidbits in the article to check out.

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