Zack Snyder shares alternate Wonder Woman historical photo

Zack Snyder - Alternate Wonder Woman photo - Featured - 01

We all know the photo of Wonder Woman from World War I that has been used throughout DC films, but that was not the original photo that Zack Snyder planned to use.

Snyder appeared on Comic Book Debate and shared a look at the original photo he planned to use in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and it would have seen Diana fighting in the Crimean War (October 1853 to February 1856) alongside a quite mixed group of allies.

Zack Snyder - Alternate Wonder Woman photo - 01

The photo was used as a placeholder up until the time Patty Jenkins was hired to handle the Wonder Woman origin story. This particular image now hangs in Snyder’s house and has been seen behind him in numerous video interviews. It has just been enough out of focus that you couldn’t really tell what it was.

Snyder explained that he chose the Crimean War “because it was the first conflict where photography was used.” This would have, of course, set up a very different back story for Diana and it makes you wonder how long she had been a part of man’s world. Jenkins, of course, moved her integration into the wider world to the 1900s and the first World War.

This certainly would have set up a very different path for Diana, and you have to wonder where this could have taken us as an audience.