Enjoy Exploring Gotham City in a new book from Insight Editions

As far as fictional cities go, I’m pretty sure we’d all like to visit Gotham City, right?  Like, maybe not actually live there, what with the murder clowns and the ice guy and at least three different avian-themed crime bosses, but visiting would be pretty cool.  We could see the Wayne Enterprises building, visit the Gotham Gazette, and tour all sorts of abandoned novelty factories that mysteriously match the gimmicks of no less than two dozen of Batman’s rogues.

It would be fun, is what I’m saying.

Even though the city is sadly (?) fictional, Insight Editions are here with the next best thing: an interactive book where you can explore Gotham City, titled– appropriately enough– Exploring Gotham City.  From prolific writer Matthew K. Manning, who also wrote the Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures crossover that I will never not remind you has my pull quote on the trade, Exploring Gotham City is the first in a planned line of books that take a deep dive into the famous locales of the DC Universe.  Take a tour of Arkham Asylum and see Riddler (who isn’t crazy, but whatever), Clayface, and Mister Freeze just chilling in their cells, head on over the the Iceberg Lounge to see what sorts of fowl hijinx the Penguin is up to, and then kick back in the Batcave for a nice, relaxing round of sparring with some ninjas.  With vibrant, fun illustrations from Studio MUTI, this looks like it will be a great resource for fans of all ages.  Check out the details and a first look at the book below.

Per Insight:

Written by Matthew K. Manning
Discover the secrets of Gotham City with this
large-scale illustrated book

EXPLORING GOTHAM CITY [Insight Editions; March 16, 2021] combines striking full-color illustrations of Gotham City with interactive elements that reveal the secrets of the most fascinating locations from the birthplace of the Dark Knight.
Explore famous landmarks like the Batcave, Arkham Asylum, and Wayne Manor and uncover the mysteries of Gotham City.

The first in a series of large-scale interactive books that explore the iconic locations from the world of DC, Exploring Gotham City is the perfect book for readers of all ages who want to investigate the tumultuous city Batman calls home.

About the Contributors:

Matthew K. Manning is a comic book writer, historian, and fan. He has written comics for DC Comics and Marvel, including Beware the Batman, Spider-Man Unlimited, and Marvel Romance Redux. When not writing comics themselves, he writes books about the comic book medium and its rich history.

Exploring Gotham City will be available everywhere on March 16, 2021, and will retail for $29.99.