Ann Sarnoff confirms Warner Bros is building ‘a DC Universe plan’

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After multiple changes of direction, Ann Sarnoff wants to assure fans that Warner Bros. is indeed working towards a plan for the DC Universe.

From a long-since abandoned release schedule of films, to comments of DC films being standalone stories, it’s not always easy to tell where the DC film universe is going. Sarnoff, the Chairwoman and CEO of Warner Bros., spoke with MediaLink at CES 2021, and promised there are plans to bring everything together.

“Everything’s connected now and we’re building a DC Universe plan that’s much more centrally connected, but individually executed. I think it’s really upstream in the planning that it all needs to come together so people can feel a pride of their efforts,” said Sarnoff.

As to what “centrally connected” means is certainly open to interpretation. Could we be working towards another crossover event some day? We certainly hope so, but that does not feel like the goal at this moment in time.

We suspect the vision for this will clarify when The Flash finally hits screens on Nov. 4, 2022. With the reports of both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton appearing in the film as their respective versions of Batman, The Flash could firmly establish a multiverse for DC, and these plans should begin to truly coalesce then.

Until then, we’re probably going to be left to speculate a lot on our own.