HBO Max promotes day-and-date movie releases with new teaser

Wonder Woman 1984 was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Warner Bros. plans for films on HBO Max throughout 2021.

In early December of last year, as we were awaiting the debut of Wonder Woman 1984, Warner Bros. made a pretty shocking announcement about its plans for 2021. With the coronavirus pandemic still in full-swing, and movie theaters still not back to full capacity, the studio planned to release all of its films for 2021 on HBO Max the same day they would arrive in theaters.

No one had tried anything like this before, and it sent shockwaves throughout the movie industry.

With 2021 in full-swing now, and the first of these films set to debut on Jan. 29 – The Little Things starring Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, and Jared Leto – HBO Max has released a new teaser for all of the films it will be showing including some very brief glimpses of The Suicide Squad.

It should be noted that this footage is only for the films being released theatrically and on HBO Max simultaneously and this is why there is no mention or footage of projects such as Zack Snyder’s Justice League or the upcoming Peacemaker series.

As a reminder, all of these films will play on HBO Max for 31 days following their premiere. After that they will leave the service and be exclusive to theaters for a further 31 days. Following that second month of release is when you will be able to purchase the films for your collections.

It looks as though there will be more than enough for us to consume at home in 2021 thanks to this new deal.