Batman: The Animated Series reportedly set for a revival

According to a new report, HBO Max is looking into a Batman: The Animated Series revival.

On the latest episode of Fatman Beyond, co-hosts Kevin Smith (Clerks, Masters of the Universe: Revelation) and Marc Bernardin (Castle Rock) both had news to share that HBO Max is looking into a revival of Batman: The Animated Series.

While Bernardin was the one to initiate the discussion with second-hand information, Smith interjected that he had heard it previously from a proven source.

From the sounds of the information, the project is still in the very earliest days, and there are no indications of any contracts being signed with any cast or crew from the original series as of yet.

Batman: The Animated Series debuted on Sept. 5, 1992 and quickly rose to being a touchstone of the entire Batman franchise. The series was responsible for a retooled origin of Mr. Freeze shown in the Emmy-winning episode, “Heart of Ice,” as well as being the property responsible for the creation of Harley Quinn.

Warner Bros. has been working on reviving several of its 1990s animated series as of late with new episodes of Animaniacs currently airing on Hulu and Tiny Toons Looniversity heading to HBO Max and Cartoon Network. A revival of Batman: The Animated Series feels as though it’s a project that was inevitable once the studio began reopening its animated vault.

Should this series move forward, and taking into account the long lead times of animated projects, we imagine a late 2022 debut would be the earliest we could see it debut. And with that in mind, a 30th anniversary celebration doesn’t seem totally out of the realm of possibilities.

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