Diamond Select Premiere Collection Harley Quinn

Just like the recent DC cinematic lineup, we’ve had a glut of Harley Quinn when it comes to the statues we’re reviewing lately. This week we have another one that pulls from the character’s classic Animated Series look, but is part of Diamond Select’s Animated Premiere collection. Because it’s a premiere statue, it’s made from resin rather than PVC, and commands a somewhat higher price tag. The statue stands about 12-inches tall, and was sculpted by Clayburn Moore. As part of the Premiere collection, it comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Instead of a windowed box, it comes in a sturdy-looking cardboard box with a lot of foam around the statue in every direction. This statue generally retails for around $100, and you can pick it up for exactly that price over at Amazon.

Guns, guns, guns

Overall, this is one of the better Harley Quinn statues we’ve looked at. Since it’s double the price of most of them, that’d better be the case. There are a few elements that make the Premiere Animated Harley Quinn stand out, though. The one that’s impossible to miss is the bright orange gun in her right hand. It’s a perfect Animated Series gun, equal parts bright and classic. The best touch, though, is the Rat-Tat-Tat paper dangling from the tip. This is a truly great touch that makes the rest of the gun work really well. Another great aspect is the base that Harley stands on.

While it is somewhat unstable due to the foam feet under it not being perfectly aligned, it looks perfect. One of my complaints about a few Harley statues is that the base references Joker–a character that DC has been consistently distancing her from in recent years to her own benefit. Instead of a Joker-themed base, we get a Harley-themed one; it’s a diamond-shaped base with black and red alternating diamonds, and black diamonds set under the red. It’s both thematic and stylish.

Okay, but what about Harley herself? We have a few complaints that well get into, but again, there’s much more to like here than not. This statue truly looks like Animated Series Harley Quinn brought into three dimensions. One thing we often call out on statues is when we see a variety of textures and paint sheens on a statue showing extra attention to detail. In this case, though, we’re going to go the opposite direction. The entire character has a matte finish and in the case of an Animated Series character, that feels perfect. The pose is great, too, showing what a dynamic and whimsical character Harley can be.


It’s not perfect though, and there are a few things worth calling out. While the overall paintjob is great, it doesn’t stay as clearly within the lines as we’d hope for from a character covered in geometric shapes. There are also some spots where the paint isn’t as solidly colored or seems (very lightly) scuffed. There’s an especially rough spot on the base, where a dot of paint seems to have streaked, and it’s pretty hard on the eyes once we noticed it. The other weird thing is her eyeshadow. In terms of a match to the series, it’s actually just about perfect. But for some reason in three dimensions it ends up being distracting. This is one of the better Harley faces we’ve looked at overall, but the eyeshadow stands out.

The flaws are notable, but hardly inexcusable. The statue otherwise does a great job of capturing the look of Harley as we remember from the Animated Series, and looks classy as heck doing it.

The statue is available from Amazon.

Disclaimer: Diamond Select supplied us with the DC Animated Premiere Harley Quinn statue for the purpose of this review.

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