Peacemaker - Announcement - 01

Peacemaker set photos are showing up online, and already we can spot some easter eggs hidden in the series.

James Gunn is known for his love of easter eggs, and even claims there is still a massive one hidden in Guardians of the Galaxy that no one has found as of yet. The director is now working on his Peacemaker series for HBO Max, and thanks to an intrepid fan, we can already see two potential easter eggs on the set.

Do not proceed further if you wish to avoid any form of spoilers.

Twitter user @ThemysciraBound shared some Peacemaker set photos that included John Cena who will be playing the titular character, and a Funko Pop! she had James Gunn sign. The truly intriguing images, however, were of a police car.

On the door of the police cruiser it says “Evergreen Police.” This is more than likely a reference to Evergreen City in the comics. While not as widely known as say Gotham, Evergreen City was home to Hal Jordan for a time after leaving Ferris Aircraft.

The far more obvious easter egg is the inclusion of “Charlton County.” Peacemaker made his debut in Charlton Comics, a company that sold its “Action Hero” characters to DC Comics in 1983.

With two easter eggs on one police car door, we have a hefty suspicion we’re going to see a lot more sprinkled throughout the series.

Peacemaker does not currently have a debut date on HBO Max, but the character will appear in The Suicide Squad, which is due to hit theaters and HBO Max on Aug. 6, 2021.