Shutterstock - Aldis Hodge - Ovidiu Hrubaru

Judging by a new interview, Aldis Hodge is more than a bit excited to strap on the wings and play Hawkman in the upcoming Black Adam movie.

The world first learned Hodge had landed the role of Hawkman in Sept. 2020, but thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the film has still not begun production. Work is expected to begin in the next few months, and it seems safe to say Hodge will be more than ready to get to set.

Hodge spoke with Geeks of Color in regards to his upcoming film One Night in Miami, but with an outlet name like that, you know that Hawkman had to be mentioned.

“Research is done,” said Hodge. “At this point, ‘research’ is just eating as much as I can to put on the weight.” Hodge went on to add, “That call was insane. I grew up on graphic novels, so to be able to jump into the shoes of – I mean, it’s not just like the average regular superhero, this is Hawkman [laughs]. He’s a savage! So for me, it’s honestly, really fantastic.”

And Hodge fully realizes what taking on a mantle like this could mean to kids. “And when I think about the representation aspect of that, because I didn’t grow up watching superheroes that look like me, you know? I remember my teens, my early teens, maybe we came into like, Spawn and Blade, you know what I’m saying? And that was awesome. So to know that younger kids are gonna be able to see that and see opportunity. And having awareness that I didn’t have a young age about what they can accomplish; that really is fantastic. And again, that’s the great goal of this. So, you know, it’s a grand responsibility. Still, there is still responsibility, and I’m gonna take care of it. But I’m very grateful. Very excited.”

Black Adam is currently without a release date due to continued production delays due to the coronavirus, but is expected to film within the next few months.

IMAGE SOURCE: Shutterstock – Aldis Hodge – Ovidiu Hrubaru