Nielsen reveals Wonder Woman 1984 had a huge debut on HBO Max

The numbers are in, and Wonder Woman 1984 had a massive first few days on HBO Max.

According to the Nielsen rating service, Wonder Woman 1984 was the top streaming program the week of Dec. 21 to Dec. 27, 2020. According to the report, the film logged 2.25 billion minutes of watched time, equaling out to 14.9 million complete viewings. This ranks it 580 million minutes ahead of Pixar’s Soul which debuted on Disney Plus on the same day.

Not only did Wonder Woman 1984 win the week, but it was the highest rated program since Nielsen started releasing streaming numbers in Aug. 2020.

“The impact of Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max cannot be understated,” said HBO Max executive vp and general manager Andy Forssell. “As was announced on Wednesday during our earnings and as this Nielsen data shows, it was a huge holiday gift to the consumer at a time when they wanted and needed it. This partnership with Warner Bros. of course continues throughout the year but it began with Wonder Woman’s arrival on Christmas Day to great success.”

While the box office results have been low for Wonder Woman 1984, it’s clear it did some incredible numbers when it comes to streaming.

Wonder Woman 1984 is exclusive to theatrical distribution as of earlier this week.