Harley Quinn Couture de Force figurine review

I just wasn’t fast enough to report on this perfect Valentine’s Day gift, and now the thing is out of stock until… err…. Valentine’s Day? Oh well, let me show you how gorgeous this Harley Quinn figurine is anyway. Maybe you can still find one before the big day by going to Amazon, Walmart.com, eBay, or (even better) your local comic shop. And if not, it’ll be back in stock in just a couple weeks, and personally I would be just as (if not more) happy to receive this stunning statue on National Chili Day. That’s February 25th, by the way.


A couple months back we did a Holiday Gift Guide that featured a Catwoman figurine from the Couture de Force line by Enesco, and we adored it. And I’m happy to report that the Harley Quinn statue has all of the same strengths, and actually exceeds a few by featuring a more playful pose and an instantly recognizable face sculpt. From the neck up, Harley is about as close to Bruce Timm’s artwork as you can get without slapping Bruce Timm’s name on the packaging. I love it. Not simply because I’m such a big Batman: The Animated Series fan, but because I think her more traditional, classic cowl keeps with the more formal attire. Personally, I believe it wouldn’t have worked nearly as well with a head sculpt in the style of Margot Robbie or Amanda Connor, because those were designs that leaned more into the frenetic nature of the character. But ultimately, while Harley is my favorite of the two figurines, they each benefit from being displayed together.

But back to Harley herself– she’s a resin and stone powder figurine with a wealth of intricately carved details. Notice the inset diamonds etched into the black portions of her dress (and highlighted in cool, subtle gray tones) and how that orderly pattern is contrasted with the chaotic spirals and zig-zags cut into the scarlet segments. That’s incredible! And now take note of the varying textures that break up the carved patterns so that they stand out all the more– see the smooth leggings and gloves? How about the sleek folds of the middle layer of the skirt? By skipping the etchings on those parts, the detailing elsewhere becomes all the more visually striking. It’s a cool outfit that I’m sure many people would gladly like to cosplay if they happen to have the skill that sewing such a dress would require. But I digress… Let’s talk about the giant hammer.

The statue is also hand-painted and features a mallet textured to look like real wood. Additionally, the head of the mallet is embellished with gold-painted banding and fake gemstones set within black diamond shapes. The gems really will shimmer when the light hits them just right, by the way. Posing her with the mallet not-so-hidden behind her back is classic Harley, too.

Harley stands 7.76 inches tall and, according to my kitchen scale, she weighs 1-pound 5-ounces. It’s a surprisingly hefty statue for its size. This isn’t hollow plaster, this isn’t partially stone but mostly PVC plastic, it’s resin and stone through and through, and you know it as soon as you pick it up. And before you ask, yes, there are felt pads beneath her train so you don’t have to worry about scuffing or scratching the surface of your shelf or desk or wherever you choose to display the figurine. I placed mine on the mantel.

So I love the dress design. The pose and facial expression are true to character, particularly the bad job she’s doing of hiding the mallet behind her back. The build quality is stellar as well, so is there anything about it that I would warn you about? Sure. As is common with hand-painted statues, you run the risk of getting something that has drips or bleeding or details that were missed by the paintbrush altogether. In the case of my own sample of Harley Quinn Couture de Force, I noticed a bit of bleed along the outside of her domino mask, and the edges of her gloves and where the cowl meets her collar could have been neater as well. However, these are flaws that I only spotted upon extremely close inspection for the purpose of this review. When appreciated from a typical viewing distance, these mistakes are not noticeable at all. Therefore, I see this piece as being worth the full asking price of $80 bucks.


It’s one of the most attractive, unique, and well-crafted Harley Quinn statues I’ve reviewed. There is some subtle paint blead on the edges of her gloves and mask, but these are flaws that are only detectible if you are examining the figurine from mere inches away. Otherwise, this is an elegant, meticulously carved stone and resin statue that I think a Harley Quinn fan will be exceedingly happy to display anywhere in their home.

The Harley Quinn Couture de Force Statue is also available from Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

Batman News was provided a sample of this statue from the manufacturer for the purpose of this review. 

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