The Flash will be speeding into Fortnite in February

Fortnite - The CW - The Flash - Featured - 01

It looks as though The Flash will be speeding into Fortnite via a one-day tournament in February.

On Monday, the official Fortnite Twitter account shared a video about meeting up with someone at a coffee shop that has a name that starts with “C.C.,” but this individual is “the most overbooked man alive.”

As mysteries go, it wasn’t that hard of a case to crack that he was meeting with The Flash at C.C. Jitters, the coffee shop in the series.

Sites such as Fortnite News quickly shared info about the upcoming release, and it appears you will be able to win The Flash via a tournament before he is put on sale in the Item Shop.

This is not the first time DC characters have popped up in the popular game. Previous inclusions have seen Batman, Harley Quinn, and more make their way to the Battle Bus.

The tournament is expected to launch on Feb. 10 and run for one day as similar tournaments have before.