We’ve reviewed about a half dozen Harley Quinn statues here at Batman News, and each has a different take on the character. Diamond Select’s Suicide Squad Harley Quinn might be one of my favorites thanks to some great details throughout the statue.

The Suicide Squad Harley Quinn statue is, as Diamond Select says, meant to capture the more recent versions of Harley Quinn seen in the comic books. It has a lot more in common with the Harley Quinn Rebirth statue we reviewed recently than any of the others we’ve looked at. Diamond Select says the statue measures in at 8″ tall. It’s made of PVC plastic sculpted by Jean St. Jean, and has “collectible-quality painted details.” The statue retails for $49.99, and you can pick it up at Amazon or Entertainment Earth.

Having a little sit-down

Diamond Select - Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

One of the things that immediately makes this statue stick out from so many others is the pose. Usually the sculptor is trying to catch the character in action, and sitting is pretty much the opposite of that. Because it’s so rare, though, that makes it a little more interesting all on its own.

Harley sits atop a crate spilling over with blue dynamite, her signature red-and-black hammer leaning against it next to her. The crate adds nicely to the character–Harley is one of the few people unhinged enough to sit on top of a crate of explosives. Another neat detail is the way the blue dynamite and red hammer are symmetrical with Harley’s pink and red pigtails. The wood texture is pretty good, and the whole thing makes for a solid base that keep the character from being too precarious on your desktop or in your display case.

Interesting details all over

Diamond Select - Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

This outfit is, once again, pretty similar to the Harley Quinn Rebirth figure. Thankfully, some of the best features of that character cross over. This is a more realistic-leaning take on the character, so she has a face that looks less like a cartoon and more like an adult human, and this sculpt in particular does a good job of conveying Harley’s look and aint-I-a-stinker attitude without going over the the top. While most of the character is white, red, and black, Harley’s pink and red pigtails are bright and fade nicely into her blonde hair.

There are a few details that stick out as particularly interesting. Her pose does a great job of conveying Harley’s overall demeanor, but the real star is the musculature on her back. Female comic book characters are often under-muscled to help keep them appealing to the male audience, but Harley is an Olympics-grade gymnast who spends her days wielding a hammer that is essentially a painted log and outrunning people like Batman. She’s going to be in remarkable shape. The muscles do a great job of conveying that Harley is seriously formidable all on her own.


Diamond Select - Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

Another nice touch with this figure, especially compared to the Rebirth figure, is the addition of her red-and-black driving gloves. Where resin statues are a single piece of resin, PVC figures use a bunch of smaller pieces glued together. Touches like the gloves let the sculptor hide those junction lines and add detail and color to the character. I can’t say for certain that the gloves are hiding a junction point here, but they’re a welcome addition all the same.

The third cool touch is Harley’s necklace. We’re used to her wearing a collar, but the necklace is often left off. The necklace here is a little metal chain that dangles around her neck, instead of painted PVC. Little touches like a separate necklace, a posable cape, and items like that can really bring a character to life.

Finally, Harley’s shoes. She’s wearing hi-top sneakers with pom-poms on the laces, but the really cool element is the grip of the sneaker. They could’ve gone with a standard grip, and that probably would be more realistic. Instead, the bottom of each sneaker features a subtle diamond design that adds to the Harley-ness of the whole look.

Bare plastic


The paintjob overall is really nice. Sharp lines stay sharp, and the color bleed isn’t too bad. There are a couple things worth noting here though. The biggest one is that a streak of paint about 2mm wide and 5mm long pulled off in the package. The paint is actually on the plastic bubble packaging used to protect the statue during shipping; the missing spot on Harley’s backside just shows the bare white PVC plastic underneath. Her red stocking, too, has splotches of black that are subtle enough that they could be intentional. The thing is, it’s hard to tell for sure.

Overall, this is a really neat figure that will stand out in both pose and color from the rest of your collection of Batman statues. The missing paint is disappointing, but it’s also on the back of the character, so I’m not too chuffed; other statues may have missing paint in other spots, or be in prime condition, so this is absolutely a buyer-beware situation. It’s great to see touches like the inclusion of her hammer, the dangling necklace, and the variety of paint and sculpt textures throughout the figure that will help it stand out under light. Even with the scuffing, I still really like this staute.

Disclaimer: Diamond Select supplied us with the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn figure for photographing and review.

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