HBO Max ad-supported option due in the second quarter

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If the price tag of HBO Max has kept you from trying out the service, an ad-supported version is on the way to make it a bit more palatable.

WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar spoke on Thursday morning during the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference. One of the top topics was the future of HBO Max and how it will fit into the battle for being one of the streaming services to land a spot in your life.

“It turns out that most people on this planet are not wealthy,” said Kilar. He went on to add, “If we can wake up and use price and be able to invent and do things elegantly through advertising to reduce the price of a service, I think that’s a fantastic thing for fans. And I do think once they see it — because I’ve seen the service in the terms of the designs that we’ve come up with — I think people are going to be so excited about how we’ve been so thoughtful about the insertion of advertising and how it’s a very organic nature of the experience.”

Kilar said that he believes most households will subscribe to less than seven services, possibly even less than six. “I feel very good about our ability to be in that small group,” Kilar said.

The exact pricing of the ad-supported tier is unclear at this time, or if it will include all of the same content that the current tier does. HBO Max launched last year for $14.99 a month. Since the demise of DC Universe, the service has become the new home for all of the DC originals from that service as well as many more upcoming coming ones such as a Green Lantern Corps series.

VIA: The Wrap