Michelle Gomez joins Doom Patrol season 3 as Madame Rouge

Dreamstime - Michelle Gomez - Hutchinsphoto

Doom Patrol season 3 is set to get a familiar face to a lot of sci-fi and fantasy fans as Michelle Gomez is joining the cast.

It was announced on Wednesday that Michelle Gomez will be joining the cast of Doom Patrol season 3 as Madame Rogue. She will be dropping by Doom Manor with a very specific mission, but it appears she will have some issues remembering what it is exactly.

In the comics, Madame Rogue made her first appearance in Doom Patrol #86 in 1964. She was a former lover of Niles Caulder that suffered from a split good/evil personality disorder. She fell in with the Brotherhood of Evil where The Brain made sure the Evil personality took dominance. She also had shapeshifting and stretching abilities.

Gomez will be familiar to many fans as “Missy,” the female regeneration of the Master, on Doctor Who. She also played Madam Satan on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and was most recently seen in The Flight Attendant on HBO Max.

Doom Patrol launched as an original series on DC Universe, but has now migrated to HBO Max with the closure of the video side of that service. No premiere date has been announced as of yet for season 3.

IMAGE SOURCE: Dreamstime – Michelle Gomez – Hutchinsphoto