The Court of Owls is coming for you in Batman: The Adventures Continue Season II

From a pure nostalgia standpoint, Batman: The Adventures Continue is one of my favorite Batman comics in years.  I mean, you have Batman: The Animated Series creators Paul Dini and Alan Burnett writing a pitch-perfect continuation of the classic television show, with spot-on art from comics vet Ty Templeton and colorist Monica Kubina.  It was like The New Batman Adventures never stopped airing, and we’re just reading storyboard for the ongoing series.  Coming out right at the beginning of the worldwide pandemic, it was like a warm, comforting hug in the form of a comic book.

From a quality standpoint, copy and paste everything I said above.  The series felt like the show, yet didn’t just trade on nostalgia.  Instead, Dini, Burnett, Templeton, and Kubina kept the tone intact while introducing characters and ideas that weren’t explored in the show, let alone mentioned.  Deathstroke was out to good use as an ongoing foil, and call me crazy but the twist they put on Jason Todd might have been one of the best Red Hood stories in years.

So yeah, big fan here, and I’ve been patiently waiting for the day when more issues are announced.

Well today, chums, is that day, as DC Comics have revealed Batman: The Adventures Continue Season II will be coming our way in just a few short months.  Like the first “season,” Dini, Burnett, Templeton, and Kubina are on board for digital-first chapters that will later be collected in single-issue floppies.

The series will focus on Batman’s investigation into a shocking death that may have ties to the mysterious Court of Owls.  With the help of Deadman (!), the Dark Knight will uncover long-buried secrets that may prove that some legends are more real than we expected… and that they should have stayed buried all along.

Check out more details from DC here.  The first chapter of Batman: The Adventures Continue Season II will drop on digital platforms on May 6, with the first physical issue hitting comic shops on June 1.