Spin Master goes big on Bat-Tech Batman series

Spin Master has a range of new Batman-related toys on store shelves now for you to add to your collection.

Spin Master dropped us a note about its latest additions to its Batman line. From new 4-inch figures to a 12-inch deluxe, there is a bit of everything for the little Batman fans in your life. All of the new products are available from Amazon, Walmart, and more.

  • Batman Bat-Tech 12-inch Deluxe Figure
    The Deluxe Batman Bat-Tech 12-inch Figure is packed with epic features! Pull the lever on the back of the figure down to make Bat-Tech Batman’s wings transform and pop open. Press the bat symbol on Batman’s chest to hear over 20 exciting sounds and phrases and watch as the symbol, parts of the Batsuit and the weapon light up. Close the wings by pushing the lever up and continue your missions on the streets of Gotham City.
    MSRP $19.99, Ages 3+. Available at all major retailers.
  • Batman Bat-Tech 4-inch Figures
    Batman, Robin, Joker, Batwoman and Riddler! Can you collect them all? These 4-inch Figures come with a cool collector poster and three mystery accessories hidden in compartments. Find gauntlets, shields, blasters and more to armor up your figure for exciting Bat-Tech missions. Each action figure also comes with a collector’s guide, so you can easily keep track of your collection. Be on the lookout for the rare Batman figure and super rare Joker figure, too!
    MSRP $7.99, Ages 3+. Available at all major retailers.
  • Batman Bat-Tech 12-inch Figures
    Get ready to bring Batman, Joker, Nightwing and Riddler to life with these 12-inch Figures! Each character features 11 points of articulation and detailed comic styling. Engage your imagination and pose your action figure as you play out your own Batman storylines and battles!
    MSRP $9.99, Ages 3+. Available at all major retailers.
  • Batman Bat-Tech 2-in-1 Batmobile
    Take your Batman missions to the next level with the Bat-Tech 2-in-1 Batmobile and Bat Boat. When there’s trouble in Gotham City Harbor, launch the Bat Boat by lifting the Batmobile’s hatch and pulling out the Bat Boat to deploy. Load your compatible (sold separately) Batman 4-inch Figures behind the wheel as you speed into action! This iconic Batman transforming vehicle has everything you need for an epic adventure.
    MSRP $19.99, Ages 4+. Available at all major retailers.