San Diego Comic-Con to return to in-person events this Thanksgiving

Shutterstock - San Diego Comic-Con - Alessia Campoli
Shutterstock - San Diego Comic-Con - Alessia Campoli

San Diego Comic-Con will have an in-person event in 2021 after-all, but in a way we haven’t seen before.

In early March, San Diego Comic-Con announced it would be a virtual event for a second year with the traditional mid-summer event having been canceled. At the time of the cancelation, however, it was teased that there would be some form of event in the fall.

On Saturday night, Comic-Con announced it would take place from Nov. 26 to 28 at the San Diego Convention Center. It will have an updated name to “Comic-Con Special Edition.”

“It is our hope that by Fall conditions will permit larger public gatherings,” the announcement said. “Comic-Con Special Edition will be the first in-person convention produced by the organization since Comic-Con 2019, and the first since the onset of the global pandemic COVID-19. The Fall event will allow the organization to highlight all the great elements that make Comic-Con such a popular event each year, as well as generate much-needed revenue not only for the organization but also for local businesses and the community.”

“Hopefully this event will shore up our financial reserves and mark a slow return to larger in-person gatherings in 2022,” said David Glanzer, a spokesperson for the organization.

With the convention being held over the United States Thanksgiving holiday weekend, it could prove challenging for anyone planning to attend the show. Movie studios, which have become a staple of the regular convention typically shut down for the holiday. Vendors with retail stores will also be torn as that is the kickoff to the holiday shopping season.

We’ll be keeping an eye on any updates for what the detailed plans will be.

There is no information about what badges will cost or what the capacity limit will be.

IMAGE SOURCE: Shutterstock – San Diego Comic-Con – Alessia Campoli