Jordan Fisher speeds on to The Flash as Impulse

Deposit Photos - Jordan Fisher - Jean Nelson
Deposit Photos - Jordan Fisher - Jean Nelson

Yet another speedster will be making their way to The Flash on The CW as Impulse is set to arrive.

Jordan Fisher is joining the cast of The Flash as Bart Allen, Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen’s futuristic son. While that name may not ring a bell immediately, you’re sure to know him by the name of Impulse.

Impulse is known for his erratic and impulsive nature, hence the name.

Fisher will join the cast as a guest star in the 150th episode with no indication if the role goes beyond that appearance.

This isn’t the first time one of Barry and Iris’ children has shown up from the future. Previously Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy) showed up as XS. Her time on the series came to a close, with her erased from existence. There were some hints she may one day come back into the timeline, but it wasn’t clear. She never mentioned a brother, which may lead to some questions for Bart when he arrives.

Fisher is known for music, gaming, acting, dancing, and more. He most recently appeared in the To the Boys series of movies for Netflix.

IMAGE SOURCE: Deposit Photos – Jordan Fisher – Jean Nelson