Upcoming Comics: April 6, 2021

Welcome to the latest edition of Upcoming Comics! As you can see, things are gonna be a little bit different from now on. Josh has done an amazing job managing this column for so long, but he’s decided to pass the torch – and I’m incredibly flattered that he trusts me with the responsibility. So, without further ado: My name’s Nick, and I’ll be taking over Upcoming Comics from Josh!

Josh’s articles have been fantastic in helping me figure out what comics I want to read from week to week, and I want to work to refine that in my own style. With that in mind, we’re gonna start with the basics: a showcase of the comics slated for each week and a brief discussion of DC and its content, before I throw some questions over to you.

The construction of this Upcoming Comics reboot is going to be a collaborative effort between me and you guys. I wanna know what you want to see on these pages, and how we can engage in deeper, more exciting ways with our audience. This has a lot of potential to be a unique interactive space between the staff of Batman News and our readers – so I’m very welcome to feedback from the comments as to how we can improve and grow from here!




DC’s Infinite Frontier movement has been – well, I wouldn’t exactly call it bold, but its business model has been cause for much discussion. Overall, the publishing company’s slate of books is much smaller: comic books like Batman are including regular backups again, which drive up the price from minor increases to major investments, such as Batman: Urban Legends. Do you guys like this approach, or does it just incentivise you to wait for trades?

The book that intrigues me the most this week is John Ridley’s continuation of The Next Batman, which I reviewed in the first two months of 2021. If you’re a digital collector, you can already read this issue, but we’re going to try and tackle these comics by their physical releases – for now, at least. Ridley’s work on The Other History of the DC Universe has been critically acclaimed so far, yet reactions to his Batman story are far more mixed. I like Jace Fox quite a bit, but whether or not I feel he has any staying power is going to depend on how writers tackle him going forward. What are your thoughts on The Next Batman?

We’re hoping to add a poll within the article about the comics you’re personally excited for each week – in the absence of this, please take to the comments to tell me about any of the books this week that stand out to you in particular. We’re also considering the addition of a Twitter poll, so that we can expand our engagement to other aspects of social media.

Thanks for bearing with us through this transitional period! Do you like this new format of Upcoming Comics? Do you have anything you would like changed, or would you like to see something added? Our focus is on making this as interactive of a format as possible, and we’re excited to turn this into something really special.

See you in the reviews!