Beast Kingdom announces Dark Knight Returns Batman figure

Beast Kingdom has announced a new 1/9 scale Batman figure from The Dark Knight Returns.

The new figure stands around 8 inches tall and will feature 26 points of articulation. It will include multiple portraits, interchangeable hands, removable wings, a stand, and more.

The figure will sell for approx. $87.99 USD and will release in December of this year. Preorders are open now.

The Dark Knight Returns – Dynamic 8ction Heroes (DAH) Batman Figure

1986 saw one of the most celebrated comic books in history get published. The now classic ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ by the seminal author Frank Miller, is often regarded as one of the first successful adult graphic novels. A historic release, it takes Batman himself, now older and weary of the world to the darkest reaches of his mind, pitting him against the mutant gangs of Gotham and the Joker himself!

The Dynamic 8ction heroes series of highly articulable 1/9 design action figures, takes miniature realism to a whole new level. Beast Kingdom’s The Dark Knight Returns DAH figure brings to life a classic rendition of an old but still powerful Batman fighting to save the soul of his city, Gotham. Standing at roughly 20.5cm in height, the overpowering, strong physic of the ageing Batman is accentuated with a form fitting suit made of real fabric. The details, from the Bat logo down to the utility belt are faithfully restored. Using real cloth for the cloak also gives collectors ample ways for posing, in addition to the bevy of replaceable mouth and eye pieces, as well as a light up eye function, allowing Batman to show a wide range of emotions.
The included grappling gun and multiple replacement hands, as well as a dedicated base tops of this must have set.
For fans of the original graphic novel that changed an industry, make sure to grab yours today!

DAH-043 The Dark Knight Return Batman:
Included Accessories:

  • DAH 1/9 design body, standing at 20.5cm in height
  • Two (2) types of replacement head sculpts (regular eyes, frowning eyes)
  • Three (3) types of replacement mouths (normal, angry, clenched teeth)
  • Five (5) types of replacement hands (fist, open, hand with grappling gun, weapon holding, dart throwing)
  • Three(3) dart
  • Eyes with light-up function
  • Clothing and cloak made of real fabric
  • Special, branded figure base with bracket