Upcoming Comics: April 20, 2021

Welcome back to Upcoming Comics, everyone! [Insert hilarious 4/20 joke here.]

We’re still working on the poll, but everything else seems to be in order. As always, keep me posted if you have any suggestions for these posts!

Currently, I just finished reading Immortal Hulk, and I think I might be in love. There’s a really fascinating blend between comic book science (the only science of any real value) and cosmic horror, and it really got me energized and excited to read more Marvel content. That’s the best kind of comic, I think – the kind that make you want to read more stories. For example, I’m really keen on reading World War Hulk now, and I’m making my way through Morrison’s X-Men! Any suggestions if I’m getting into Marvel?

Now, here’s our Gallery for the week:



Ah, Fortnite. Who can forget Reggie’s famous quote about this great franchise?

To be fair, I have nothing against Fortnite – I’ve just never played. I’m sure it’s pretty fun, but it boggles my mind that it’s managed to get crossovers with both Marvel and DC… and I’m pretty sure it’s literally canon to Marvel content? Hell, it’s vital to understanding The Rise of Skywalker! How the hell did this happen? Is Epic still being sued by Apple?

Anyway, Batman’s getting involved now – and he gets to fight Snake Eyes in this one, which would be really cool if I had read GI Joe either. I’ve been thinking about getting into the IDW series, but maybe I’ll just start with that new Snake Eyes movie. Should I get into this game? Do I want to start investing in yet another money pit?

Let’s talk about Batman vs Ra’s al Ghul for a second, because I feel like I’m going insane reviewing that comic. You guys do know it exists, right? It’s not some tulpa created in my head to cope with the fact that they’ll never make a Batman: Odyssey 2? Because we’re on the final issue now, and I truly have no earthly idea of how that book got made, aside from the name recognition of Neal Adams. Can someone help me figure it out?


Most Excited: Nightwing #79. Tom Taylor did a fantastic job with his first issue, and it got me suitably excited for a follow-up. I’m curious as to how street-level Taylor stays going forward – I think that’s the right call, as restraint is a valuable tool when it comes to comic books. What do you guys want to see from Taylor’s Nightwing run?

Least Excited: Justice League #60. I’m not sure if it’ll be good or bad, but its opening certainly hasn’t blown me away – I’m going into it with an open mind, but nothing about the premise so far has me really hyped.

Wild Card: Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #1. I think if this book is good, it might genuinely get me into the actual game. If it’s bad, eh. Whatever. It’s a video game tie-in. Then again, we said the same thing about Injustice, at first…


We’re gonna keep going with the Twitter polls, but we’re going to try more unique ones that stand out from the usual fare of “most exciting comic”. Here’s our question for this week!

I’m excited with the direction of these posts, and I hope to keep growing it into something really unique within the Batman community. See you in the reviews!


Author’s Twitter: @ObnoxiousFinch