Iron Studios Batman & Robin Deluxe Art Scale Statue review

I hope you’re sitting, because… it’s here. We’re finally getting a highly detailed, premium quality statue of Batman and Robin. Yes, Batman AND Robin. No, it’s not Carrie Kelly. It’s really Batman and Dick Grayson together again, and it’s amazing! In fact, I briefly considered titling this review “It’s about damn time.”


Based on concept art by comic artist Ivan Reis & Chiaroscuro Studios, this 1/10 scale statue perfectly balances Bronze Age and modern details to render a gorgeous collectible that pays tribute to the iconic duo without coming off as overly nostalgic. The pretentious bat-sommelier in me spots details from the full breadth of the mythology. I see elements of David Finch’s Batman Inc. suit, I see Carmine Infantino’s influence, I see… a thing of beauty. But rather than speak of it as one whole, let me break down its various parts (there is some minor assembly required, after all) to give you a better idea of what you’ll be getting for $200 bucks.

This deluxe statue is comprised of five parts: the base, Robin, Batman’s body, Batman’s cape, and Batman’s head. The head is magnetized and locks the cowl into place, Batman’s well-hidden foot pin anchors him into a notch in the gargoyle base, and Robin has a lengthy peg protruding from his own heel that inserts within the faux brick backdrop. The way Iron Studios managed to build this in such a way that looks like Batman is mid-stride while winding up a batrang throw to end all batarang throws and Robin has almost completely leapt off the foundation is one heck of a feat of engineering.

This thing should not be balanced, it just shouldn’t be. It boggles the mind. And yet here we are, looking at an action packed moment frozen in time and 100% sturdy and wobble-free. Assembly will take you less than five minutes, the packaging is top-notch and should keep everything A-Okay during shipping, and the box art (featuring the Ivan Reis illustration that inspired the piece) is stunning. But if you want more technical specs, here you go…

  • Made in Polystone
  • Plastic capes
  • Plastic steam accent
  • Metal batarangs
  • Metal rope
  • Hand-painted
  • Limited edition
  • 9.8″ tall
  • 8.6″ wide
  • 9.4″ deep
  • 1.7 lbs. (0.77 kg)

Sound good? It aught to. I mean, the only thing I see in that list that might give you an ounce of hestitance would be the fact that the statue would’ve been even better if it was 1/3 scale to match the upcoming Ivan Reis Joker also from Iron Studios. Which brings me all the way back to the start of this article: we need more Batman and Robin collectibles, or just greater variety in characters in general. Joker will always sell, hence the 1/3 scale approach for his statue. So if you want to finally start seeing Tim Drake or Ra’s al Ghul crafted with the level of care you see The Clown Prince and Harley Quinn given time and time again, you need to supporting items like this.

But some of you might still be saying “But Andrew, I’m all for the Batman. The shading of the muscles and the texture given to the tactical kevlar of his suit is everything I want. But Robin’s uniform totally unrealistic and he’d never survive a night on patrol dressed like that.” And here’s my message to those of you who view the classic Robin attire through that lens: None of us on the “that looks cool” side of the Batman fandom think a child, even a well-trained child, would do well fighting crime wearing this. But we suspend our disbelief because it’s fun. And because it’s healthy to celebrate the Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age of comics that brought us to where we are now. AND if we all don’t start lightening up around here and quit being ashamed of the campier aspects of the Batman mythology we will never get another crack at Mr. Freeze on the big screen in our lifetime and I know that Mads Mikkelsen would be ****ing perfect for it. So look again at this statue’s promotional images below and remember: Batman & Robin is and always has been fun.


It’s about as good as it gets. If I gave scores to these statue reviews, I’d probably award this 10/10, or possibly docking it down to a 9.5/10 simply because the Robin is a little more askew than he appears in the promo images, but even that feels awfully harsh. It’s an energetic design that breathes life into these characters, the paint application and build quality is terrific, and as a result I think it’s totally worth the price. Especially when you consider how difficult it is to come by a good Batman & Robing statue. I sincerely hope that Iron Studios continues to partner with Ivan Reis and Chiaroscuro Studios to create more Bat Family pieces, and increase the scale as well.

To buy yours, head over to now.

Disclaimer: Batman News was provided a sample of this figure by Sideshow for the purpose of this review.