Titans season 3 set photos show off a new look at Arkham Asylum

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Production on Titans season 3 continues, and new st photos show off that we’ll at least be making a stop by Arkham Asylum.

We’ve known for some time that the majority of Titans season 3 would take place in Gotham. And it isn’t easy to visit the famous fictional city as a hero for any length of time without dropping by Arkham. Add in fact casting for Scarecrow recently revealed he would be in the Asylum, and it only makes sense we would see it.

Thanks to some new set photos taken by Michael Yetman, of Guelph, Ontario, we have a good look at the front gate of Arkham and some vehicles.

When last we saw Arkham Asylum in Titans, it was during the season 1 finale. Due to that being a Trigon-induced nightmare, there’s no saying that’s what it looks like this time around. We wouldn’t be surprised to see some design changes.

Titans season 3 is shaping up to be a Batman heavy season, which makes sense with the team relocating to Gotham. In addition to Arkham Asylum, we’ll also see Savannah Welch as Barbara Gordan – now the Gotham City Police Commissioner – and Curran Walters will be graduating from Robin to Red Hood. Add in Damaris Lewis joining the cast as Blackfire, and it looks as though the Titans are in for a hectic third season.

No word as of yet as to when Titans season 3 will debut. This will be the first season for the series premiering on HBO Max. Seasons 1 and 2 have already made the move from the now-defunct original version of DC Universe to HBO Max.