Pennyworth potentially moving from Epix to HBO Max

Pennyworth season 2 has come to an end, and it appears it may move to a new home should it receive a third season.

According to Deadline, Epix and Warner Bros. TV are negotiating a new deal for Pennyworth, the series that tells the origin story of Alfred Pennyworth. The first two seasons aired on Epix, but apparently, Warner Bros. wants to look at moving those to HBO Max in the near future. Then, should a third season be ordered, they would first air on HBO Max, and Epix would get rights to them in a second distribution window.

There has been no word as yet to when a potential third season would be announced. Epix, Warner Bros. TV, and HBO Max are not offering any comments on the renewal or the possible change of outlets.

HBO Max currently has access to all of the original series that were on DC Universe such as Doom PatrolTitans, and Harley Quinn. Add in several original projects such as Peacemaker, a Gotham City police series, and Green Lantern that are being worked on, and bringing Pennyworth into the fold just makes sense.

We’ll just have to wait and see how this works out, but something tells us we’ll be seeing the adventures of a younger Alfred Pennyworth on HBO Max in the not too distant future.