DC looking for black actor and director for Superman reboot

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A new report has clarified some questions around the upcoming Superman reboot from Warner Bros. that have been lingering since the original announcement.

The Hollywood Reporter has shared a new story about the upcoming J.J. Abrams’ produced Superman reboot. The project was originally announced in Feb., but questions lingered about which version of Superman it would be, who would direct, and so on.

With Abrams’ Bad Robot producing the film, it was assumed that the director might also head the film. According to the report, Abrams directing would be a tone-deaf decision as the intention is for this to be a Black version of Superman. Instead, a hunt is on for directors such as Barry Jenkins, Ryan Coogler, and Steven Caple Jr. amongst others This hunt is is reportedly complicated, however, as Marvel Studios is working from a similar list to direct Blade. Additionally, Coogler is currently busy with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

In front of the camera, it appears that Kal-El will be the version of Superman in the story, but he will be played by a black actor. While fans have thrown around names such as Michael B. Jordan for the role, it is believed that Warner Bros. will focus on going with a relatively unknown name. The film will also reportedly be a period piece set in the 20th century instead of the modern day.

Coates’ script is not due to be completed until mid-December, so there is still quite a bit of time to figure out the best approach.