Jeffrey Dean Morgan still up to play Flashpoint Batman

Shutterstock - Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Tinseltown

It seems that Jeffrey Dean Morgan hasn’t quite given up on his dream of playing a Flashpoint version of Batman just yet.

It has been some time since we heard anything in relation to Morgan suiting up as an alternate timeline version of Batman, but the actor hasn’t given up all hope yet. Morgan said in 2018 that he thought the possibility was dead, but with the number of iterations the script for The Flash has gone through, maybe there is still some hope.

Appearing on CinePOP recently, Morgan was asked about comic book roles he would like to tackle, “At the top of my list has always been Batman, that’s always been my favorite superhero.” He went on to add, “And talking about Flashpoint has been very fun, I get asked about it a lot. I love the story of Flashpoint Batman. Who knows? Who knows with DC? Who knows with how these franchises work? I suppose I probably have like another two, three-year window, and then I’m gonna be too old. There’s no way. So, look, I’m available. Everybody knows I’m available. I say I’m available, I’ve been saying it for five years. We’ll see what happens.”

As to other characters he might like to tackle, he acknowledged the Main Man. “I like Lobo a lot, I really wanted to do Lobo for a long time. But we’ll see, we’ll see, I have something maybe cooking, and I’ll let you know soon if that turns out to be. But I love the world of comic books, and I hope that I get to stay playing in this world for a long time.”

With The Flash currently in production, that phone call would need to be coming fairly soon.

The Flash is set to hit theaters on Nov. 4, 2022.

IMAGE SOURCE: Shutterstock – Jeffrey Dean Morgan – Tinseltown