Ben Affleck finds his Robin in Jimmy Kimmel at ‘Vax Live’

At long last, Ben Affleck has found a new Robin in the form of Jimmy Kimmel.

On Saturday night at the “Vax Live” event, Ben Affleck and Jimmy Kimmel took to the stage to celebrate the return of shared experiences. It seems, however, that Kimmel misunderstood the dress code for the event as he appeared in a 1966 Robin costume and Affleck was in a black suit.

“You told me we were dressing up,” said Kimmel.

“I said, ‘Wear a suit,’” responded Affleck.

Kimmel shared he had purchased the Robin costume with his stimulus check, but Affleck responded, “That’s not what those were for.”

We feel safe in saying that this Robin appearance does not count as canon material for the DCEU.