Upcoming Comics: May 11, 2021

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I’m just now settling back in after coming home from a wedding – and oh my god, what a day that was. Up at 5am, asleep at 2am, the whole day was hectic – and a fantastic celebration of love. It got me thinking about weddings in comics, which have ranged from disastrous to iconic across the history of both Marvel and DC. Do you guys have a favorite wedding story? Don’t say Batman #50.

Meanwhile, I just watched The Mitchells vs the Machines for the second time, and I really think it might be one of my favourite animated movies to date. Every frame of that film oozes style, creating a seamless blend of both 2D and 3D animation that really lends to both the comedy and energy of the movie. Its initial title, Connected, made me worry that it was going to be filled with out-of-date commentary on how social media has failed us. What threw me was that every out-of-date moment was entirely intentional: deliberately making somewhat cringey references to parallel when your own parent mentions an old, overused meme. This is a phenomenal movie about family and parting ways with the people you grew up with, and it means a lot to me. I’m a little sad my family wasn’t as keen on it – I was trying to tell them something when I showed it to them.

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There’s a lot of cool stuff happening this week, and I’m starting to see DC get back into a groove I’m a little more comfortable with. We have Future State returning to DC, which we’re going to see more of later in Superman and the Authority – both cool enough for me to check them out, if nothing else! What is everyone’s general consensus on Future State?

Meanwhile, Chip Zdarsky is coming in hot with a new Justice League comic – this one set in an alternate reality with a possible future for the League and its members. DC likes to do this a lot with some of their big writers: giving them out-of-continuity stories to let them play around with the characters a little more. On the one hand, I like it – it means Tom Taylor can do what he likes with DCeased, for example – but I do feel they can stand to be a little bolder. Why can’t Zdarsky implement some of Last Ride in a mainline Justice League comic? Then again, I wouldn’t want to live in a world where everything’s in one singular canon timeline. What do you guys think?


Most Excited: DC Festival of Heroes #1: The Asian Superhero Celebration. There’s a great ensemble in this issue, from The Atom to Katana to the New Super-Man – but really, any issue with Cassandra Cain in front and centre is worth checking out.

Least Excited: The Joker #3. At this point, I think it’s a safe bet to assume this will regularly be in my “Least Excited” slot, unless I make a sudden turnaround and start going through all of Tynion’s Bat-Books. I appreciate the effort to focus on Jim Gordon, though.

Wild Card: DC Future State: Gotham #1. This website had a lot of wildly varying opinions about Future State, though there were a lot of elements to it that I really liked. Red Hood? Not exactly one of them – his introduction in Future State was passable and intriguing, but didn’t immediately fill me with excitement. This could be perfectly mediocre, or the change in status quo might allow for some surprising and fun moments.


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