Star Ace Toys announces Catwoman figure from Batman Ninja

Star Ace Toys is heading back to the world of Batman Ninja with a new Catwoman figure.

Catwoman will clock in right around 11.5-inches tall and will be ready for release around the third quarter of 2021. Catwoman will run $266, while the deluxe version will set you back $279.

1/6 CATWOMAN (Regular Edition/Deluxe Edition) Action Figures include:

1/6 movable body, about 30 cm in height

A movable body with multiple joints

Reality is extremely high, realizing the role of CATWOMAN, the hero of the figure in the movie “Batman Ninja 2018”

Possess 1 head sculpt that looks like real and delicate (movable eyes)

1. Head Sculpture

  • A CATWOMAN head sculpt of with movable eyes

2. 6 hand-shaped palms, package:

  • 1 pair of natural hand palms (including cat’s claws)
  • 1 pair of fist-shaped palms (including cat’s claws)
  • 1 pair of hand-shaped palms (including cat’s claws) holding the whip

3. Clothing

  • 1 set of black netted bodysuit
  • 1 piece of breastplate and carapace
  • 1 belt with cat head buckle
  • 1 pair of thigh armor straps
  • 1 pair of knee pads
  • 1 pair of shin armor
  • 1 pair of Catwoman leather shoes

4. Accessories:

  • 1 Catwoman mask
  • 1 neck strap with bell
  • 1 pair of silver long cat claws
  • 1 long whip

5. The Deluxe Edition (SA0099) comes with the following additional accessories, including:

  • 1 pair pink cat’s paw
  • 1 black cat (head can be turned)
  • 1 flexible metal hose

6. The figure stand is connected to the floor