Star Ace Toys announces Modern Batman figure from Batman Ninja

Star Ace Toys is back with another figure from Batman Ninja and this time it’s the modern-day version of Batman.

Modern Day Batman will clock in just under 12-inches tall and will be ready for release between Nov. 2021 and Jan. 2022. Batman will run $299, while the deluxe version will set you back $315.

In the animated DC film Batman Ninja, Batman and several of his allies and adversaries are thrust back in time to medieval Japan. Before he is transported in time, Batman has come to rely on his modern technology in his fight against crime.

This new Sixth Scale Figure from Batman Ninja features the Modern Batman before he must abandon technology. This high-tech Batman has light-up eyes, a removable cowl piece to show lights beneath, and the body armor also lights up blue. He also comes with a Batarang and a grappling gun. The Deluxe version also has an alternate Bruce Wayne head, a spear, and the Quake Engine.

Don’t miss your chance to add this Modern Batman Sixth Scale Figure to your DC Comics collection!