Blue Beetle set to be an HBO Max original film

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Warner Bros. is ironing out its plans for film releases beginning in 2022, and one of the latest announcements is that Blue Beetle will be heading to HBO Max.

Warner Bros. is stepping up how many films it makes each year, and the plan is to divide the projects evenly between HBO Max and theatrical releases. Speaking with the Los Angeles Times, Warner Bros. Pictures Group explained that the plan calls for 10 to 12 films to head to theaters for 45 days, while another 10 to 12 films will be made for HBO Max.

For 2022, there will be five DC-related films in theaters including The Batman, Black Adam, The Flash, DC Super-Pets, and Aquaman 2. Over on HBO Max, we’ll be seeing Batgirl, Blue Beetle, and Static Shock but no firm release dates have been attached to these projects as of yet.

HBO Max has had a slow rollout globally, but it is stepping up its global launches in additional countries by the end of June. The addition of other countries is also one of the stated goals of the upcoming merger that will form Warner Bros. Discovery.

Angel Manuel Soto is set to direct Blue Beetle, but no word on casting as of yet.