Harley Quinn Legends in 3-Dimensions Bust Review – Up Close and Personal

We’ve reviewed a whole bunch of Harley statues here at Batman News, and we’ve even reviewed a ceramic bust. But we’ve never reviewed anything like this. This is the Batman the Animated Series Harley Quin: Legends in 3-Dimensions 1:2 scale bust from Diamond Select.

Almost Life-Sized

A lot of time when we review statues, we spot little errors here and there but have to forgive them–they’re mass-produced figures with tons of minute detail that retail for less than $50. Diamond Select’s Legends in 3-Dimensions line, meawhile, is a collection of 1:2 busts that show the character in close-up detail in ceramic form, and cost three times the price. In other words, we won’t be so forgiving. It’s good, then, that we don’t have to be.

This half-scale bust measures in at 10 inches and comes in a great-looking box with gold foil lettering on the sides. It’s one of a collection of just 1,000 pieces. The statue is already sold out in many places, but you can still find it on Amazon.

Colorful Clown

Truly, this is the best-looking Harley statue yet–a good thing considering its price tag. The red sections of her fool’s cap are vivid and saturated. The lines throughout are clean and smooth. Perhaps the most important thing is getting the colors and shapes that make up Harley’s face just right. This is a close-up, three-dimensional take on an iconic look for a beloved character. Some smaller Harley figures have often had issues like too-yellow teeth or too-blue eyelids.

Here, the colors feels just right. Her white facepaint is basically a straight white color while her teeth and eyes are slightly yellow–not even a pastel yellow. It’s noticeable, but still subtle. Her pupils, meanwhile, are a cornflower blue color with black outlines, and her eyelids are a pale gray-blue color that matches her look in Batman The Animated Series closely.

The base, meanwhile, is just about perfect. Styled after a circus tent and decorated with collared hyenas in a zoetrope-style series of poses, it captures both the style of the Animated Series look and of Harley Quinn herself. It adds significantly to the overall package, bringing in new colors and shapes while supporting the character herself.

If you’re a fan of Animated Series Harley, don’t miss this.

Disclaimer: We received a unit from Diamond Select for review.

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