Batman DCeased Statue Review – Anti-Life Never Looked So Good

DC’s Anti-Life Equation is getting all sorts of attention lately following its discussion in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. How it manifests changes somewhat depending on the author, but in the DCeased story, the Anti-Life Equation became corrupted when DeSaad tried to combine the part of the equation stored inside Cyborg with the part he had. Apokolips was destroyed, and Earth became infected, including Batman himself.

DCeased Batman

This plastic statue stands at about 8-inches in height. Designed and sculpted for Diamond Select by frequent DC Gallery collaborators Caesar and Alterton, the statue retails for around $45 on sites like Entertainment Earth. The statue depicts the moments before Batman’s demise; having been overcome by the corrupted Anti-Life Equation, a zombified Batman lurches toward a shotgun-toting Alfred Pennyworth in the comics. Here, it’s just Bats himself.

These side stories are fun because they let the creators look at a character in a new light without permanently altering their canon, like with Red Son Superman. Seeing a character like Batman infected really hits home how powerful Equation is, and this statue is a striking look at that.

Batman is clad in one of Mr. Freeze’s cryo suits to slow down the spread of the illness, but it eventually overtakes him–just after he tells Superman that he has to destroy the internet and all infected un-living beings.

The suit makes the man

There are a bunch of fun details in this statue. The cryo suit itself seems like it’s ill-fitting, with lots of cinched, wrinkled spots around Batman’s joints. The level of detail on Batman’s cowl stands out in particular. The torn-out eyes are haunting, and the scratch marks around the tears show that it took some work for him to break through.

Despite this being a fairly drab character in terms of color palette, it’s very nicely painted. The use of blood splatters across the outfit looks good without being overwhelming, and little details like the infected Batman’s teeth are great, too. One especially cool element is the broken glass bowl of the cryo suit. Not only are there shards both around batman’s face and on the floor, but those shards themselves have their own spider-web cracks throughout.

The base for the figure is fairly basic–just a metal grate floor–but it does enough work to imply that he’s in the Batcave, and it gives those shards a place to rest.

This is a weird Batman figure for sure, but if you’re a Batman completionist, then this statue is going to look great on your shelf.

The statue is available from sites such as Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

Disclaimer: This statue was provided to us for review by Diamond Select.

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