The Flash set photos give us our first look at Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne

The Flash 2022 - New Suit - DC FanDome - 01

Another batch of The Flash set photos have arrived, and this time it is giving us our first look at Michael Keaton in his return to the role of Bruce Wayne.

The first photo we’ve seen of Michael Keaton on the set of The Flash doesn’t feature any of his trademark Batman gimmicks, but there is no mistaking that 1989 Batman, albeit gray this time.

Another new photo appearing today is Sasha Calle in her Supergirl costume from a far closer angle this time. Please note as this is a stunt suit there is a lot that will be corrected with CGI. She has also been seen on set with a cape, but as with most stunts these days, the cape will be fully digital for those scenes.

And another batch of photos of the stunt rig suit.

Not to be left out of the festivities today, Ezra Miller was also on set in his Barry Allen guise, but with one very notable prop. It looks as though he will be wearing the Flash ring that tradtiionally stores his costume.

We’re still waiting to see Keaton’s Batman and Miller’s Flash in costume, but with the production moving to Scotland soon, hopefully even more set photos will appear.

The Flash is set to hit theaters on Nov. 4, 2022.