Upcoming Comics: June 29, 2021

Welcome back to Upcoming Comics!

This is a very light week, so I’m going to pivot the discussion to comics outside of the realm of Marvel and DC: what are your favourite indie comics?

One I’d like to recommend, for those of you who like sappy shit, is Heartstopper – a YA webcomic by Alice Oseman about high school LGBT relationships, centered around two boys called Charlie and Nick.

Heartstopper covers a lot of content about growing up different – and while it covers sensitive topics like being outed, eating disorders and bigotry, it also talks about the euphoria you can find in creating relationships with people who truly understand and accept you. The art style is something out of a high schooler’s sketchbook, and it makes you feel as if you’re peeking into someone’s journal. There’s a raw, genuine heart to the story, and it’s hard not to love the characters that Oseman fills her world with. You can read it for free on Tapas, and a Netflix adaptation is currently filming.

Now, let’s look at the two books we have this week:

Upcoming Comics

Catwoman 2021 Annual #1

Father Valley is a mystery. His unusual style as a hit man, his habit of keeping a bible designated for each of his targets, his macabre and particular method of elegant savagery, his insistence on waiting until his target has reached their highest point before he strikes them down-these are all strange and enigmatic traits that have remained unexplained…until now. Bear witness to Father Valley’s past with the Order of St. Dumas, and his unexpected connection with Azrael, to learn the method to of his madness. And see, once and for all, why Catwoman should be deathly afraid of being on his hit list.

Written by Ram V
Pencils and Inks by Fernando Blanco, Juan E. Ferreyra and Kyle Hotz
Colored by David Baron
Cover by David Baron and Kyle Hotz

Michael’s Thoughts: While the last issue of Catwoman felt like it could have been an annual, I’m excited to learn more about Father Valley given his mysterious background so far.

Teen Titans Academy 2021 Yearbook #1

As the first quarter of classes draws to an end at Teen Titans Academy, get a closer look at the how students such as the mysterious Stitch enrolled, catch up with the status of Beast Boy and Raven’s relationship, and maybe, just maybe, get some clues on the origin of the new Red X!

Written by Tim Sheridan
Pencils by Darko Lafuente, Rafa Sandoval and Marco Santucci
Inks by Darko Lafuente, Marco Santucci and Jordi Tarragona
Colored by Michael Atiyeh and Miquel Rodriguez Lopez
Cover by Stephen Blackwell

Corbin’s Thoughts: Teen Titans Academy is still real bad folks. It’s unlikely this annual will right the course.

Beyond the Bat

Welcome to Beyond the Bat! Here you can see everything else that DC is releasing this week, beyond the scope of the books we cover on the website.

Not that there’s much to choose from, but I’d be keen on picking up the Green Arrow 80th Anniversary special. There are a lot of talented creators writing and illustrating for the Emerald Archer, and I’ve honestly found DC’s anniversary specials to be pretty good!


Okay, well this is a little unfair. There are only two options for me this week.

Most Excited: Catwoman 2021 Annual #1, because I like Ram V’s writing.

Least Excited: Teen Titans Academy 2021 Yearbook #1, because I don’t like Tim Sheridan’s writing. Wow, that was easy!


Last week had some interesting responses – I’m honestly shocked that no one picked Hush as Loeb’s best Batman story, because I honestly feel it’s aged quite well. Of course, The Long Halloween was the winner!

This week, we’re gonna be discussing our favourite live-action renditions of Selina Kyle: classic and modern. References in the replies!

Best wishes, and see you in the reviews!


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